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  • Physical Security :
    Agriya facilities are very secure While entering first screening of visitor/employees is done by security guards. To enter the facility, employees must use a their access cards . All bags, cameras, are checked into a storage area upon entry. There is no printing, fax, or email capability and paper (very little) is bright pink to ensure that no sensitive data leaves the facility.
  • Data Security :
    Because of no data movement from US there is practically no danger for source information. The processed data is again archived in server farms for CPA's for any time review.
  • Network Security :
    Agriya works on 128 bit SSL line of Citrix for viewing and dispatching of processed data .At processing facility also there is a segmented LAN behind firewalls. All Processors got encrypted key based access to their systems and central server in US.
  • Desktop Security :
    Ever processor got individual domain accounts. They can access their part of source information only . There are no fax & printing capabilities allotted at processing site . Even the systems which processors uses are not having floppy & CD drives . All systems used in processing are denied access for email & web access. All systems are secured by anti virus with auto-updates. Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 2005 - 2006 Agriya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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